UTOPY Releases First Unified Customer Interaction Analytics Platform

New Release Unifies the Voice of the Customer and Analyzes Agent Performance Across All Channels of Contact

UTOPY, the leading provider of Voice of the Customer and Performance Optimization solutions powered by Customer Interaction Analytics, announced the release of UTOPY SpeechMiner® version 8.0, the first completely unified Customer Interaction Analytics platform. By unifying the most accurate and complete Speech Analytics and Text Analytics engines into a single user-interface, SpeechMiner 8.0 unifies the voice of the customer and analyzes contact center Agent performance across all channels of contact, including phone, email, chat sessions, and over 100 million sources of social media.

UTOPY pioneered the Customer Interaction Analytics market by releasing the first Speech Analytics solution for business purposes in 2002. Since inception, UTOPY has been completely focused on identifying the true meaning of interactions. UTOPY’s unique, patented methods of Interaction Analytics are far more accurate than keyword search-driven approaches at discerning the context of conversations and drivers of customer sentiment.

The release of SpeechMiner 8.0 embodies the evolution of Customer Interaction Analytics. Since today’s customers often prefer to contact companies via email, chat or social media in addition to the phone, contact centers today need to evolve with customer preferences. SpeechMiner 8.0 delivers the first completely unified Customer Interaction Analytics solution, which unifies the analysis of all customer interactions handled by the contact center, regardless of the channel used by the customer to communicate with the company. SpeechMiner 8.0 delivers unified dashboards, analytics, reports and alerts which automatically uncover the key topics and customer sentiment being expressed across all contact channels and proactively notifies the organization of those critical topics, events and sentiments that are most relevant to improving contact center performance and the customer experience.

“A holistic solution for unifying the voice of the customer and analyzing contact center agent performance across all channels of contact and all sources of customer feedback can be a key driver of business performance,” said Jim Davies of Gartner. “In today’s business climate, companies need to make sure that insights are not just found but also acted upon in a timely and relevant manner.”

“We are extremely excited to release SpeechMiner 8.0,” said Roy Twersky, President and CEO of UTOPY. “Though the phone is and will remain a core method of communication, email, chat, and social media have also become very important, making it crucial for today’s organizations to unify the voice of their customers and analyze their Agent performance across all channels of contact. SpeechMiner 8.0 is the first software product to deliver such analysis in a completely unified solution.”

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