ProcessDATA Launches PolicyCOMPLETE – a Secure Cloud Solution for Policy and Procedure Management

ProcessDATA LTD, a leading provider of Intranet content management and document management solutions including — a comprehensive healthcare specific Intranet system — announced the debut of its new online policy and procedure management solution, PolicyCOMPLETE.

PolicyCOMPLETE  is offered as a cloud-based SaaS solution, or it can be installed internally on clients’ servers. It addresses all aspects of policy and procedure management, from creation and authoring to approval, reviews, revisions, and publishing. The system offers a fully customizable configuration, very simple user interface, robust search and indexing engine, and comprehensive workflow management tools.

The new solution utilizes the company’s extensive experience and proven approaches for managing policies and procedures in highly regulated environments.  It also extends the same concepts to virtually any type of organization that is looking to automate the process of authoring, approving, managing, and publishing internal policies, procedures, and other key documents.

“PolicyCOMPLETE raises the bar for online policies and procedure management,” said Albert Jurkiewicz, president of ProcessDATA and “Since our new offering has its roots in a very highly regulated hospital market, the system is time tested and proven to address the needs of any mid-size or large organization that is looking for a simpler, more effective and at the same time a very affordable platform for managing its core documents.”

Visit the PolicyComplete website or view the original press release.

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