DCL Introduces Harmonizer On Demand to Manage Redundant Content

Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL), the leader in converting content to new formats, announced the availability of HarmonizerTM On Demand, an online portal to its HarmonizerTM proprietary content redundancy solution. Harmonizer processes and analyzes thousands of pages at a time to identify redundant content in document collections at multiple levels and condense them into one reusable chunk to harmonize text variations.

Harmonizer facilitates correcting, editing, and consolidating redundant data, cleans up typographical errors, and HarmonizesTM content (reducing “near duplicate” content) to provide consistent information throughout a document set. It aids in identifying – and maximizing – content value through determining reuse potential for ROI calculation and improving information update efficiency.

“Our testing has revealed that most document collections contain more than 50 percent redundancy. This means companies are maintaining twice the content – at twice the expense,” said Mark Gross, President and CEO, DCL. “Our customers have seen immediate benefits from using Harmonizer, including reduction of repository size by up to 70 percent, facilitation of quality assurance, and cuts in conversion and translation costs.”

“If you are wondering how much opportunity for reuse you have in your legacy content – for example, maintenance manuals, product inserts, financial documents – Harmonizer automatically provides the analysis you need to decide on a reuse strategy. Rather than painstakingly poring over your content manually, you can use Harmonizer to quickly locate content that is exactly the same or should be,” said JoAnn T. Hackos, PhD, President, Comtech Services Inc. “We’ve been using Harmonizer to find opportunities first to normalize content that is written slightly differently, usually by mistake. Once the content is normalized, we have the data we need to extract chunks so that we manage the content once and use many times. Harmonizer has saved us hundreds of hours of manual analysis and found much more than we could ever have found by hand in massive content sets.”

The Harmonizer On Demand portal provides 24/7 access to the basic Harmonizer service. For complex sets of content, including multiple languages and formats, as well as unstructured data sets, organizations can request DCL’s full-service HarmonizationTM process.

Visit the DCL website or read the original press release.


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