Eclipse Corporation Delivers DocOrigin V 2.0, Enterprise Document Generation Software

Eclipse Corporation, the North American distributor of DocOrigin, enterprise class document design and enterprise document generation software, announced the release of DocOrigin 2.0, which  delivers enhanced performance, new PDF assembly and archive retrieval functionality.

Among the key features of DocOrigin, is Dynamic White Space Management, which optimizes cross promotional marketing without wasting presentation space. Built utilizing the principles of Integration Without Modification (“IWM”), DocOrigin works with all line of business software packages and supports international languages and data formatting.

DocOrigin version 2.0 is the culmination of more than 20 years of experience and combines the latest in software technology with the knowledge gained from creating the most widely used e-forms products in the world.

Clients in the healthcare, banking, manufacturing, distribution, logistics, and government industries among others use DocOrigin software. DocOrigin integrates easily with Infor, Lawson, Microsoft, Oracle, QAD, Sage, SAP, and other major software solutions. DocOrigin customers enjoy rapid deployment with the benefits of IWM and major cost saving with Intelligent Document Reduction® (“IDR”). IDR reduces the page surfaces required to present information by up to 66%, saving paper, bandwidth and storage space.

Features and Enhancements in DocOrigin 2.0:

  • Enhanced performance, up to 15,000 PDF pages per minute.
  • Tables are a snap and support for page overflow is automatic.
  • Integrates with Eclipse E1 Rapid-Forms for Oracle EnterpriseOne & World software.
  • PDF Assembly for generating complex personalized correspondence.
  • Expanded OS support for AIX, IBM i, LINUX, UNIX, WINDOWS.
  • Enhanced PDF Generation, Dynamic Password Protection/Encryption.
  • Archive complete document batch in a single PDF, saves up to 83% disk storage space.
  • Extracts individual pages/documents from a PDF file and assembles them in a new PDF document.
  • HTML output can be printed with intelligent pagination (no more unexpected page breaks).
  •  iFORMagine for the IBM i, is now Powered by DocOrigin, and includes migration tools for Adobe/JetForm Central, R-Forms, PDF Wizard and other aging document generation solutions.
  • Integrates with ProTechnology Automation’s JetTrac products.

Visit the Eclipse website or read the complete press release.

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