Kodak and Alfresco Deliver Enhanced Content and Document Management Services for Business

Kodak and Alfresco have announced a global strategic alliance to provide customers with superior levels of content and document management services. Customers will benefit from Kodak’s ability to rapidly develop and integrate solutions such as online government records access in a fraction of the time that was previously required.

“This is the beginning of a strategic relationship that will differentiate both Kodak and Alfresco in the marketplace,” said Roberto Colangelo, Kodak’s General Manager for Worldwide Services. “By combining Alfresco’s industry leading enterprise content management systems with our own technology and capabilities, we will address the growing need for complex content and document solutions, serving customers in ways they never thought possible. We expect to have an immediate and long-lasting impact in the markets we serve.”

Kodak has delivered high-value managed document management services and solutions to large enterprises and governments around the world for many years. Much of this work is focused primarily on providing better usability and accessibility to data through scanning, storing and retrieving critical documents and information. Kodak helps governments capture and share hundreds of millions of documents. Together, Kodak and Alfresco will provide a more robust set of services and solutions than previously offered.

“Kodak is aggressively moving beyond scanning to participate in more sophisticated content and document management services,” said Colangelo. “For example, we’re creating modern databases and repositories so citizens can access information such as land records online quickly and efficiently. This is just one of the many ways Kodak is helping government entities provide higher levels of citizen services.”

With Alfresco, Kodak will be able to continue delivering these types of services, only in faster, more collaborative ways.

“The combination of Kodak’s brand paired with our trusted platform makes this an extremely valuable alliance for us,” said John Powell, CEO, Alfresco. “We are very excited to partner with Kodak to extend our services and software offerings on a global scale. We look forward to future collaboration in the cloud, mobile and on-premise all working seamlessly together to meet Kodak’s growing content management needs.”

Visit the Kodak website, the Alfresco website, or read the full press release.

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