Meridian and dominKnow Integrate Claro and Global LMS for eLearning Deployment

Meridian Knowledge Solutions and dominKnow have integrated the Meridian Global Learning Management System with dominKnow’s Claro to give organizations the tools they need to create, track and deliver mobile learning. Claro is a web-based collaborative content authoring platform commonly called a learning content management system, or LCMS. With the Meridian Global LMS and Claro, organizations can quickly develop and deploy learning anytime, anywhere from desktops and laptops to smartphones and tablet devices including Android, Apple, BlackBerry and Palm.

“Our recently launched ‘Learner on the Move’ program adds services and technologies to our LMS, so any organization can develop and distribute mobile learning to employees, business partners and customers,” said John Leh, vice president of sales and marketing for Meridian. “Adding Claro to our LMS complements our Learner on the Move program and helps our customers deliver on a mobile-learning strategy for their extended enterprise.”

Claro creates content that complies with web standards such as HTML5; mobile devices easily run Claro-created content. Claro provides an environment without programming, and even new users can immediately begin creating engaging mobile content with video or audio embedded. Hundreds of built-in templates give organizations a fast and simple way to begin authoring mobile training for any industry.

Claro-authored content conforms to e-learning specifications such as AICC, PENS and SCORM, so courses, presentations and briefings can be smoothly and reliably delivered via mobile devices.

“We think of Claro as a virtual studio where people can work together on learning projects,” said Chris Van Wingerden, vice president of learning solutions at dominKnow. “Claro makes authoring as simple and intuitive as possible with built-in image editing, video capture and easy-to-use custom interaction tools.”

Claro’s features include:

  • An easy-to-use interface that enables authors to create interactive animated and engaging content without any need for programming.
  • A PowerPoint wizard for point-and-click conversion of slide decks to online learning.
  • A library of more than 5,000 high-quality, royalty-free characters and images to personalize and enrich the learning experience.
  • More than 100 interactive e-learning and m-learning templates to jump-start projects. Users can change Claro’s editable templates to suit their content-development needs.
  •  Built-in graphic, audio, video and interaction tools.
  • Workflow and collaboration tools, including screen sharing, with robust tracking and reporting capabilities.
  • Customizable testing tied to content and learning objects.
  •  A media library for uploading, storing, tagging, searching and tracking multimedia content.
  • Safe, secure web access for a team in one office or spread across the globe.

For more than a decade, dominKnow Learning Systems has been creating e-learning and m-learning software for small teams and large organizations. DominKnow’s flagship product, Claro, is a web-based, collaborative authoring platform designed for creating, managing and delivering high-impact learning .

Meridian Knowledge Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of Visionary Integration Professionals, provides integrated LMS solutions for over 350 clients with 8.5 million active users including AutoZone, Bell Helicopter, CSX Corporation, J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc., Panera Bread, Sunrise Senior Living, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, and more than 80 federal, state and local governments.  Meridian’s flagship product, the Meridian Global LMS, integrates advanced learning management, mobile learning, social learning, e-commerce, learning content management, performance management and workforce analytics into one fully integrated solution.

Visit the dominKnow website, the Meridian Knowledge Solutions website, or read the full press release.

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