Studio One Releases ‘Content Asset Management Platform’ – CAMP – to Allow Brand Marketers to Leverage Content Across Their Portfolio

Creating a first-of-its-kind plug-and-play dashboard for managing content assets across a brand’s various distribution channels, Studio One , a leader in brand-aligned content creation and distribution, has launched its proprietary “Content Asset Management Platform,” or CAMP. This new exclusive platform will enable Studio One’s roster of top-tier brand marketing clients to easily leverage their complete library of content – whether created by Studio One or not – at the touch of a finger, utilizing original features, video, imagery, audio within various media channels, ranging from brand-dedicated websites, social media platforms, blogs and email newsletters to magazines, print promotional materials, and more.

“Like so many companies, our clients were buried in valuable content they did not reuse or reapply,” said Devin Johnson, COO, Studio One. “Our answer was to build a content management system for the special needs of advertisers doing ‘owned media’. The system ingests a wide variety of content used in owned media, tags it, makes it searchable, and allows for plug and play insertion into almost any online media channel. The dashboard is the next generation in a series of products designed to the owners of owned media.”

When a marketer signs up to use CAMP, the system will automatically intake their entire content archive via an XML feed. The assets are then organized into a searchable, user-friendly index that also includes that advertiser’s Studio One content, making it simple to download any of the editorial equity for use within a multitude of channels. In addition, CAMP will allow marketers to identify high-performing content based on engagement and click-through, making it easy to build programs with assets that have already seen strong success. Ongoing reporting tracks use of all editorial, so marketers know when and where specific content has been leveraged.

Established in 1998, Studio One pioneered the discipline of brand-aligned content creation and distribution. Serving online publishers, from short- to long-tail, and the marketers that want to reach enthusiast audience verticals, the company has amassed a loyal base of sponsors and programs, reaching audiences in over 17 countries worldwide. Visit the Studio One website or read the full release.

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