Enfocus Solutions Inc. Seeks Participants for UX & UCD Survey

Enfocus Solutions Inc. is asking business analysts how they engage User Experience (UX) and User-Centered Design (UCD) specialists to create better user experiences with their products and services across their enterprises.  Results will be used in development of additional example requirements, personas, practice aids, analyst briefs, and elicitation questions that come in the company’s content-rich Enfocus Requirements Suite™. The fully hosted Enfocus Requirements Suite™ provides both a tool and a knowledgebase for requirements management, empowering project managers, business analysts, and CIOs to better collect, share, and prioritize their data and drive more value to their business.

Enfocus Solutions Inc. CEO John Parker said that only Enfocus Requirements Suite combines the automation of software with the brains of an experienced consultant. “It’s what has been needed by business leaders for a long time to create better requirements and greater success for projects big and small, across the enterprise,” he said.

The goal of the survey is to establish quantifiable statistical and comparison data on how business analysts elicit and incorporate the insights and feedback of UX/UCD specialists in their business evaluations and initiatives to improve the user experience.

Participants and other industry experts will be able to access the results to determine how important user experience and user-designed controls are to their industries, how business analysts are turning to UX/UCD specialists to better meet the needs of their users and stakeholders, and how to adjust their strategies and objectives accordingly.

The brief 20-question survey is the first in a series of surveys to be conducted throughout 2012 on topics including:

  • Project manager and business analyst interactions and alliances
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Agile development
  • Transition requirements
  • Infrastructure requirements
  • Business process improvement

Ideas for other topics will be welcomed and considered as the research continues.

Parker added that Enfocus Requirements Suite™ is built on the core concept that this type of research-based knowledge — derived from industry expertise and direct user input — is needed in gathering requirements that truly reflect the needs of businesses and their stakeholders.

The link to the survey was emailed  to business analysts and industry experts nationwide, and is also available at the company’s website. The survey will be open through July 31, 2012. Participant answers and information will be strictly confidential. Unattributed comments may be shared with other participants only with permission.

Parker encourages all business analysts and those who regularly perform business analyses to participate. “It’s an opportunity to inform best practices and improve the way business takes place and projects are handled.”

Enfocus Solutions Inc. , a privately held company headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, helps businesses spur innovation, save time, and cut costs by capturing, managing, and leveraging the requirements of their people, processes, and technology. Its flagship product, Enfocus Requirements Suite™, a Web-based tool, automates business analyses and requirements management best practices to enable successful enterprise IT project delivery.

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