Lexalytics Announces New Version of Salience Text Analytics Engine

Lexalytics, a leading provider of text and sentiment analysis software, released version 5.1 of its Salience text analytics engine at the company’s annual Users Group conference. This Salience 5.1 release includes several feature enhancements, including improved management of short content, resulting in improved sentiment accuracy for social media updates. The latest version offers both improved sentiment accuracy “out of the box” (for both short and long content), as well as several new tools for configuring sentiment analysis to match business needs.

Lexalytics has also changed the way it supports its foreign language offerings overall by adding the Concept Matrix™ to non-English languages. The Concept Matrix uses the entire human-generated encyclopedia, Wikipedia® (a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation), and enables Salience to understand the complex relationships between words and meaning. Until now this functionality was only available in English.

The company has added German language support in addition to its sentiment and text analytics for English, American English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. “The latest upgrades represent the true challenges of data analytics across social platforms. We’ve taken the problems of sentiment, tone and concept and made it possible to tap into the knowledge and the true meaning behind the words. Not only in English but for several different languages,” said Jeff Catlin, CEO, Lexalytics.

The Salience text analytics engine is currently integrated into systems for business intelligence, (social) media monitoring, reputation management, automated trading, survey analysis, customer satisfaction, and more.

According to the company Lexalytics has the only commercially-available phrase-based sentiment engine, and its text analytics allow for a much greater range of tunability compared to other solutions. “Sentiment analysis is highly tunable. You could have a thousand different configurations for tuned sentiment covering lots of different verticals and customers. Or you can just let it run without any tuning — many of our customers do just that,” added Catlin.

Salience 5.1 enters a limited Beta in the early summer, with commercial availability planned for late summer 2012. Founded in 2002, Lexalytics was first to market with a sentiment analysis engine.  Salience is engineered for integration into third-party applications, and is a critical component in many high-volume content processing services for industries such as social media monitoring, survey analysis, reputation management, online media and more.

Visit the Lexalytics website, or read the full press release.

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