Technical Communications April Fools Day 2012

Technical Communications April Fools Day from TechWhirl

From Robots to Valley Girl Translations this year’s Technical Communications April Fools Day News edition from TechWhirl had a little bit of everything.

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TechWhirl’s First Twitter-View

Transcript from our Twitter-View with Alan Houser, Incoming STC President
Excited to announce our first Twitterview with @arh this Sunday! We’ll be talking about the future of #techcomm and @stc_org #tcinterviewTechWhirl (Techwr-l)
Final preparations for our #tcinterview with @arh … you can follow it on (Techwr-l)
Hi @arh, thanks for taking time to participate in our first Twitter #tcinterviewTechWhirl (Techwr-l)
Thanks, Al. It’s a privilege to talk to you today. I have some exciting things to share about #stcorg and #techcomm. #tcinterviewAlan Houser
Our first question #tcinterview …TechWhirl (Techwr-l)
Is it true that the STC is now using the extra space on MySTC to store 1970 – This is our Year for Certification t-shirts? #tcinterviewTechWhirl (Techwr-l)
Few recall that STC launched its cert program in 1970. Today we have our first certified professionals, only 42 years later! #tcinterviewAlan Houser
BTW, “1970 – This is our Year for Certification!” t-shirts are now for sale, half off. #tcinterviewAlan Houser
Half Off? That’s quite a deal! #tcinterviewTechWhirl (Techwr-l)
It is a good deal. However, we only accept full payment up-front. #tcinterviewAlan Houser
I’ve heard there may be a move coming for #STC HQ – is this true? #tcinterviewTechWhirl (Techwr-l)
At #stcorg, we’re always looking to improve efficiencies. Headquarters location is no exception. #tcinterviewAlan Houser
In February I was in Montreal. Great city, great people. So I said, “Why not move STC Headquarters here?”. #tcinterviewAlan Houser
Montreal is a great city, good people … let’s move on to politics #tcinterviewTechWhirl (Techwr-l)
" @arh you’ve been STC Vice President for 11 months, and will become STC President in May. Any surprises? #tcinterviewTechWhirl (Techwr-l)
Lots of insights, Al. For one, the security code to unlock the #stcorg office door forms an interesting pattern. #tcinterviewAlan Houser
As a leader in the STC, do you have any advice for technical communication professionals? #tcinterviewTechWhirl (Techwr-l)
My advice for technical communicators? Make sure all of your work is pretty. #tcinterviewAlan Houser
[silence] #tcinterviewTechWhirl (Techwr-l)
Any near-term predictions for the profession? #tcinterviewTechWhirl (Techwr-l)
Companies will scramble in 2012 to ship docs. As most of our members have gone “strategic", nobody actually writes anymore. #tcinterviewAlan Houser
Oh, and by the way, in 5 years we’ll all be using XML. I’ve been saying that since 1998. It’s as true now as it was then. #tcinterviewAlan Houser
I hear there are some changes coming in STC Publications. #tcinterviewTechWhirl (Techwr-l)
Yes, STC Intercom is going to become Twitter-only. 140-char limit for articles. #tcinterviewAlan Houser
Wow, Intercom goes Twitter-only that’s quite a change. #tcinterviewTechWhirl (Techwr-l)
That’s not all. The research-oriented STC Tech Comm Journal will feature peer-reviewed tweets! #tcinterviewAlan Houser
How will you handle references? Those are often lengthy. #tcinterviewTechWhirl (Techwr-l)
“Dynamics in Document Design” by Karen Schriver @firstwren is an assumed reference for all STC peer-reviewed tweets. #tcinterviewAlan Houser
Also “Cruel Pies” by Sam Dragga and Dan Voss. #tcinterviewAlan Houser
Any other big announcements? #tcinterviewTechWhirl (Techwr-l)
As STC is approaching its 60th anniversary, it’s time for a name change. Society for Tasting Chocolate. #tcinterviewAlan Houser
Any regrets? #tcinterviewTechWhirl (Techwr-l)
I wish I had become a plumber instead of a technical writer. At least people know what plumbers do for a living. #tcinterviewAlan Houser
name change – TechP-L #tcinterviewTechWhirl (Techwr-l)
I know you’re busy updating your docs to rhyme thank you for your time in the sunshine. #tcinterviewTechWhirl (Techwr-l)
Yes – at STC, rhyming is the future of technical communication. #tcinterviewAlan Houser
Just got a note from @arh , turns out interview was conducted by @AdobeTCS ’s new HelpRobo assistant. #tcinterviewTechWhirl (Techwr-l)
Thanks for dialing into our first Twitter-interview! Go back to work! Nothing to see here. #tcinterview Thanks to @arh for his time!TechWhirl (Techwr-l)
Thanks to Al Martine, @techwritertoday, for hosting today’s twitter interview! #tcinterviewAlan Houser

Old Battles Renewed

Previously covered up story of the argument and subsequent fisticuffs between Microsoft Manual of Style and Chicago Manual of Style Representatives finally leaked.  Representatives from those companies, WritersUA and TechWhirl all shook up
News Update: Rumble in the Jungle Room – Tech Comm News – TechWhirlOn March 14, 2012, officers from the Memphis Police Department, Raines Station responded to a call to 3717 Elvis Presley Blvd (Graceland)…

Big Day for Software Releases, Research and Tools

Adobe announces the launch of HelpRobo with RoboHelp 9 – TechWhirlRobotic Assistance to Help you while you Help Others San Jose, March 31: Adobe Systems Inc. today announced** a limited offer on all new …
Vasont Offers New Telepathic Transmission Extension – TechWhirlVasont Systems adds new thought transference technology to its flagship component content management system EMIGSVILLE, PA – April 1, 201…
XML Press Announces Real-E-Reader 1.0 – Tech Comm News – TechWhirlLAGUNA HILLS, California (April 01, 2012) – Today, XML Press announces general availability of Real-E-Reader 1.0, a revolutionary, adapti…

Associations Release information on Research or Decide to find Answers

STC Announces Rhyming to Remember – Tech Comm News – TechWhirlThe Society for Technical Communication (STC) announced today a new endeavor to encourage companies and corporations to create technical …
ComponentOne Research Initiative: Pen versus Sword – TechWhirlIs the Pen Mightier than the Sword? Doc-To-Help Investigates ComponentOne Doc-To-Help – the all-in-one authoring and publishing solution …

TechWhirl Moves into Audio Books

Microsoft Manual of Style on Tape | TechWhirlIn a move designed to increase the convenience factor for technical writers on the move, publishers of the Microsoft Manual of Style have…
RT @aschwanden4stc: About time. Some serious inroads being made in mobile learning. Pick up a thing or two from the advances made here: Wright
our favorite book has been translated – West Coast celebrates
INKtopia Announces Major Advance in Translation Tools & ContentINKtopia Limited’s virtual globalization team has announced a major advance in translation plug-ins for most major content management sys…
and into news (this one is real) Tech Comm News by TechWhirl

Moderator for Tech Writer List (TECHWR-L) Releases New Certification Program

TechWhirl Launches Pre-Post Certification Program | TechWhirlIn an effort to improve the quality, quantity and relevance of technical communications community discussions, TechWhirl today announces …

Leaders from the Industry Provide Guidance on old Problems

Top 5 tips to autonumber with Word – Publishing SmarterPublishing Smarter helps you learn to write less and write better. We provide Adobe FrameMaker, JustSytems XMetaL, DITA, XSLT, XSL-FO, an…
TechWhirl finally gets read into a story before it’s been out for five days, provides first release of news
Recommended: Top Five on Autonumbering with Word | TechWhirlThe autonumbering feature in Word has been the bane of every technical writer who’s been forced to work only in the ubiquitous word proce…
We want to thank Adobe Systems, Vasont Systems, XML Press, Thirty-Six Software, ComponentOne [Doc-to-Help Gang], Publishing Smarter and STC for their awesome contributions.  Writing Diva Cheryl Voloshin and Julie Vaughn, Craig Cardimon for their great writing and voice over skills.  An extra-special thank you to Bernard Aschwanden (Publishing Smarter) for being the sole instigator of this entire thing. Bernard pushed TechWhirl to do these things often against our will and using the Jedi Mind Trick to force us to press publish (note this last sentence Microsoft lawyers) on these pieces. ;)

And, finally, thank you to Connie Giordano, editor of TechWhirl’s sites for patiently taking all of her partner’s c$#p for the last year.   One year down, more to go.

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