Adobe Announces the Launch of HelpRobo with RoboHelp 9

Robotic Assistance to Help you while you Help Others

San Jose, March 31: Adobe Systems Inc. today announced** a limited offer on all new purchases of the industry-leading help authoring tool, RoboHelp, which entitles buyers to a complementary ‘robot’. The robot, codenamed, HelpRobo, or HR for short, will be programmed to help RoboHelp users with many common administrative and support tasks. Services pre-programmed in HelpRobo include speed-dialing the Content Management team, a squeaky deadline reminder alarm and extra lights for working through wee hours of the night.

HelpRobo users will also have the option of purchasing the SlapOnWrist application that will enable HelpRobo to guide users through grammatical and spelling errors in a matronly fashion. If the trial period is a success, Adobe said that they would open SDK to developers later in the year and hopes to have celebrity voices as part of a potential upgrade to the HelpRobo.

Adobe representatives mentioned the offer as limited and still in beta. More details will be available on the product site in the next few days.  Interested in participating in the new program?  Click here.

About Adobe RoboHelp 9

Adobe RoboHelp 9 software is an easy-to-use solution for technical communicators to author, collaborate, personalize, and optimize content for help systems, policies and procedures, and professional knowledgebases for multichannel, multidevice publishing. Create easy-to-use content with automated context-sensitive help (CSH), easily collaborate with other authors and subject matter experts (SMEs), and smoothly import content created with Adobe FrameMaker® software. Engage your users with graphics, animations, and videos; enable community-authored content; and optimize content based on usage patterns. Switch to RoboHelp from your current Help Authoring Tool (HAT) and get a 40% discount.

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